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Training Conferences

Homeland Security Training


- Provide over 20 facility specific Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Training Courses (e.g., Forklifts, Cranes and Slings, HAZCOM, PPE, Respiratory, LOTO, Electrical Safety, Confined Spaces, Hearing Conservation, etc.)
- Homeland Security Training
- Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Training
- Environmental Compliance Training (e.g., RCRA, CWA, CAA, TSCA, etc.)
- Hazardous waste management, Tier II and Form Rs, Water and Air Permits Training
- SPCC, ICP and SWPP Training
- Incident Commander Training
- Hazardous Waste Operations (HAZWOPER) and  Spill Response Training
- Department of Transportation Hazardous Materials (HM) Training
- Train-the-Trainer Courses
- Leadership Training

Occupational Health & Safety:
- Preparation of Health and Safety Plans (HASP)
- Asbestos and Lead Paint Services
- OSHA Compliance Audits
- Preparation of  Process Safety Management Plans
- Preparation of  Standard Operating Procedures and OSHA Required Written Programs

Industrial Hygiene:
- Noise Dosimetry Surveys
- Laboratory Hood Surveys
- Local Exhaust Ventilation Designs and Evaluations
- Jon Hazard Analysis (JHA)
- Industrial Hygiene Evaluations

Building Indoor Air Quality:
- Mold Investigations
- Indoor Air Quality Investigations
- HAZMAT Building Evaluations
- Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Evaluation for Air Quality Suitability

- UST/AST Investigation, Removal and Remediation
- Environmental Compliance Audits
- Preparation of facility plans (e.g., SPCC, SWPP, CP, ERP, ICP, RMP, etc.)
- Environmental Site Investigation/Remediation
- Due Diligence Property Transfer Assessments
- Ecological Assessments
- Human Health Risk Assessments
- Licensed Site Professional (LSP) Services under the MCP

Green and Sustainability:
- Utilization of Alternate and Renewable Energies
- Facility Energy Audits
- Pollution Prevention
- Waste Management

Homeland Security:
- CBRNE and First Responder Preparedness
- Chemical Facility Anti-terrorism (CFAT) Planning
- Security Plan Preparation
- Vulnerability Assessments

Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Planning:
- Pandemic Planning
- Disaster Preparedness Planning
- Emergency Preparedness Plans
- Plans for Hospitals and Medical Research Facilities
- Preparation of  Emergency Preparedness Palns and Emergency Response Plans
Litigation and Expert Witness Support:
- Experts opinions
- Expert testimony
- Environmental, occupational health and safety and human health litigation support
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