RSP Consulting Brownfields Services

Our Team

Our team of environmental and redevelopment experts was brought together to offer the highest level of environmental experience and expertise across the swath of functions that represent the critical components of a Brownfields project. Key personnel are:

Robert Palermo, ScD , PE, LSP, CGWP, CEP is a Doctor of Science and Registered Professional Engineer in several states with over twenty-five years of broad multimedia environmental experience at both the state and federal regulatory level. His environmental experience includes performing ASTM Phase 1 and Phase 2 site assessments, remedial investigations, feasibility studies, remedial designs and remedial actions. He has worked on Department of Defense Installation Restoration Program sites for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Navy, and managed numerous environmental investigations performed under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan.

Gregory Roscoe also has over 25 years of environmental experience including 17 years at the U.S. EPA in New England’s Regional Office in Boston. He is a master navigator of this 17,000 person agency and has managed EPA site investigations both as a consultant and as a Superfund Project Manager at EPA. He spent 14 years managing numerous regulatory compliance offices and the Assistance and Pollution Prevention Office while at EPA. As a project manager and program manager he has worked identifying and integrating the needs of diverse stakeholder groups and pioneered public private partnerships such as the Northern Oxford County Coalition in Maine.

John Marchewka, C.G., P.G. has over 25 years of experience in the Environmental Consulting field. Throughout his career, John has provided a wide range of environmental, geologic, and compliance permitting services to the private and public sector, including: Phase 1 and Phase 2 environmental assessments, Brown fields, Quality Assurance Project Plans, Voluntary Response Action Plans, oil and hazardous waste investigations and remediation,. In addition, John brings the resources and field capabilities of his geotechnical group MAI Environmental and its drilling, sampling and investigation capabilities.

Peter Bass has been doing progressive, smart growth real estate development in Southern Maine for over 25 years. He has experience in both residential and commercial investment and development projects. Peter has focused on finding unique value and uses for under utilized properties and forming collaborations to realize his vision. He has specialized in high-density infill projects in both adaptive re-use and new construction contexts. Peter has had extensive experience in navigating complex zoning issues as a tool to create new and unique models of use and ownership and to create appropriate community based development and reuse opportunities for Brown fields.

→ STRATEGY: We recognize that each community is different and that different sites within a given community present unique opportunities and their own challenges. We specialize in community specific priority setting and are committed to helping municipalities and their community move the Brownfield concept beyond assessment and clean up to defining and redefining development and reuse opportunities that will enhance the economic and environmental status of the grantees. Our strategy is crafted around comprehensive stakeholder analysis coupled with robust community relations activities. We incorporate development and market expertise in all phases of the assessment to maximize identification of appropriate re-use and development opportunities.

→ EXPERIENCE: Our team has an extensive track record conducting environmental assessments, evaluating environmental hazards, risk assessment, project management, community relations and prior Brownfields work. All key staff are Qualified Environmental Professionals and bring a variety of key licenses and certifications ranging from Real Estate to Professional Geologist to Professional Engineer.

→ MANAGEMENT: As a past EPA leader and manager in Region I, Gregory Roscoe brings a unique and diverse management background that incorporates private sector and prior EPA project and organizational management and leadership expertise (13 years as a supervisor, manager and organizational leader at EPA) as well as being an expert negotiator and consensus builder with experience creating public, private, state and local coalitions.

→ TECHNICAL RESOURCES: With MAI's field staff and environmental assessment capabilities, our group has ready access to the tools and resources necessary to con-duct comprehensive site evaluations. In addition we have relationships with a variety of other highly experienced environmental professionals with specialties in environmental disciplines including sophisticated modeling expertise.

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